Picture from the Hammerhead Olympic Triathlon in August of 2009. I probably run 20 races a year and i've run over thirty marathons, but this is my first triathlon since 1988. Can you believe it?
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Darryl Herren, Runner
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  Welcome to HerrenRunning.com.  As the name implies, I am a runner.  Running has brought me joy and helped me discover the type of person I want to be. I have always shared my running exploits with others, (actually anyone who will sit still).

   In 2010, I am offering my services as a certified running coach. I’ve attended the RRCA running coach certification program. I’ve run distances from 5K to 50K, over 26 years, but my favorite distance is the marathon. I’ll post my bio and running history elsewhere on this website.

  I would like the opportunity to design a personal running and fitness plan that meets your current running or fitness goal.

  You can contact me at Darryl.Herren@yahoo.com or directly at 904-993-9042. I live in Orange Park, FL, and can provide local coaching or long distance coaching via email and phone. Prices for my services vary according to your needs and desires, but I can assure you that they are the most reasonable prices you’ll encounter for personal coaching and race planning.


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Click on the link to the Florida-TImes Union website. This ran in the paper on 14 February 2009. Great article
http://jacksonville.com/news/metro/2009-02-14/story/man_a_running_billboard_to_raise_money_for_daughter Photobucket

I reference this so often that I decided to post it on my front page. If this is your introduction to George Sheehan, you're in for a  treat. Goggle him to read about this inspiring man.

WHY DO I RUN?  By George Sheehan


     I have written over the years of the benefits I receive from running. Enumerated the physical and mental changes. Listed the emotional and spiritual gains. Charted the improvement that has taken place in my person and my life. What I have not emphasized is how transient these values and virtues are.

   With just a little thought, however, it should be evident that physical laws parallel those of the mind and the spirit. We know that the effects of training are temporary. I cannot put fitness in the bank. If inactive, I will detrain faster than it took me to get in shape. And since my entire persona is influenced by my running program, I must remain constantly in training. Otherwise, the sedentary life will inexorably reduce my mental and emotional well-being

     So, I run each day to preserve the self I attained the day before. And coupled with this is the desire to secure the self yet to be. There can be no let up. If I do not run, I will eventually lose all that I have gained-and my future with it.

     Maintenance was a favorite topic of writer and philosopher Erik Hoffer. It made the difference, said the former longshoreman, between a country that was successful and one that failed. An achievement, no matter how magnificent, will eventually decay if not preserved by constant care.

     I know that experience intimately.  There is nothing briefer than the winner’s laurel. Victory is of the moment. It must be followed by another victory and then another. I have to run just to stay in place.

     Excellence is not something attained and put in a trophy case. It is not sought after, achieved, and, thereafter, a steady state. It is a momentary phenomenon, a rare conjunction of body, mind, and spirit at one’s peak. Should I come to that peak, I cannot stay there. Like Sisyphus, I must start each day at the bottom and work back up to the top. And then beyond that peak to another and yet another.

     Through running I have learned what I can be and do. My body is now sensitive to the slightest change. It is particularly aware of any decline or decay. I can feel this lessening of the “me” that I have come to think of myself.

     Running has made this new me. Taken the raw material and honed it and delivered it back ready to do the work of a human being. I run so I do not lose the me I was yesterday and the me I might become tomorrow.


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