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Darryl Herren, Runner
(904) 993-9042



Option one:


Email and telephonic coaching.


  1. Includes a written 4 month plan developed to specifically target a goal or race.


  1. Nutritional and dietary counseling


  1. Stretching


  1. Strength training


  1. Cross training


  1. Racing philosophy


___25.00 for option one


Option two:


Personal Coaching (Hands on)


  1. All of the services above and:


  1. Personal coaching on two long runs each month. Distances can vary from 6-22 miles, but will always stay within your training plan. (i.e. pace and distance)


  1. One evening run per week, either Tuesday or Thursday. Later in the training phase this workout can be a speed work session (Most runs will be in the Oakleaf area)


  1. Hands on stretching and strength training. All strength training is done through isometric resistance.


  1. Why chose me as your coach? I have over 26 years of helping runners stay strong, and improve their run times. I have stayed healthy and haven’t had a running related injury in 15 years. In addition to having a very good knowledge of running and performance, I have an unrivaled race preparation program that has been fine tuned from 20 years of running over 30 marathons.


___ 75.00 for option two


I love running and enjoy motivating runners to reach their potential and reap the many physical and psychological benefits of running. I want to share my love for running and healthy living.

(904) 993-9042

Coaching Services
Darryl Herren
Orange Park, FL





  My Background

  I am a retired Soldier from the US Army. I left the Army in 2008 with 26 years of service. I ran my first marathon while stationed in Hawaii in 1988. I’ve run over 15,000 miles since 1988. Listed below are several more facts about my background. 



 -     Six time Boston Marathon finisher

-      Member of the 50 state marathon club

-      RRCA Certified Running Coach 

-      Retired Army Sergeant Major

-      Certified Physical Fitness and Health Teacher, Florida public schools K-12

-      I live my life by the Army values of Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage.












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